Day 1: Kathmandu – 8 May 2016

Day 1 in Kathmandu – 8 May 2016 Today is 26-1-2073 in the Nepalese Calendar.  It is Baishak, their new year.

We’re meeting at the offices of Green Tara Nepal (GTN) here in Kathmandu.  The staff here give us a warm, friendly welcome and we’re given sweet milky, Nepalese tea, which kick starts the day beautifully.

Ram Chandra Silwal, the Country lead for GTN explains a little about the non-profit making organisation which has been working in the field of maternal and child health in Nepal since 2007.  GTN work in research, publications, advocacy, training and social mobilisation using an holistic community development approach.   In 2012 the organisation had 5 members of staff.  Today it has 25 with 13 more due to be recruited.  They have 47 volunteers across Nepal.

GTNs Nepalese public health and community development professionals are committed to improving the health, livelihood and socio economic status of Nepalese people using an evidence based approach and aim to bridge the gap between rural, urban, rich and poor families by removing barriers to them accessing maternity services.  In rural areas, Green Tara health workers have improved and changed traditional practice.  One such change is birth attendants visiting women in their homes, rather than women travelling to see them, which has improved uptake of services and improved women and family health.

Several research papers can be accessed at this link if you wish to read more

At the meeting everyone explains what their role is within GTN and Jilly brings a smile when she plays a traditional folk tune on a Nepalese flute!  Tulsi has a go too!


From left to right.  Jilly, Sujita, Sushila, Siddhant, Tulasi, Bill, Baby, Smriti, Namuna, Ram, Salita, Rajib.

Jilly and I leave the meeting and continue to make arrangements to travel to Nawal Parasi in the southern Terai region of Nepal on Thursday.  This is where the training will take place.  We have prepared power points which will be translated into Nepalese and we will think of creative ways how to present our ideas to GTN staff in Nawal Parasi.    Dave, our UK colleague, will be arriving on Tuesday.

Andrea 🙂


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