Safe landing in Kathmandu

imageAfter 3 smooth flights from Scotland, London and Doha to Kathmandu, my friend Jilly and I arrive safely in Nepal. Flying in from the south we didn’t catch a glimpse of the Himalaya, but even the southern mountains seem like giants. Flying low upon landing, the colourful buildings on the outskirts of Kathmandu seem beautiful, like brightly coloured sweets scattered like Randoms through the lush green landscape.

On entering Tribhuvan Airport we’re greeted with huge overhead posters of Everest … ‘Welcome to Nepal’. Now I know it’s truly real! After an easy visa process and kindly welcome from Nepalese officials, we head outside to find our companion. Our Green Tara Nepal colleague is waving our names on white card. He’s a very welcome sight in the chaos of people and traffic, two streets deep.

After an exhilarating drive through the streets of Kathmandu – where everyone drives freely and pedestrians roam in every direction relaxed and at ease, we arrive at our new home. I love the sights and sounds from the balcony – narrow winding alleyways, vibrant houses, prayer flags, people colourfully dressed, dusty gardens where they tend their green crops, mountains on the horizon, hot sun in the haze. Dogs bark, roosters crow, cars toot, moped engines buzz – yet the peace of the place cuts through all that …. birds singing at the tops of their voices seem to agree with me. Looking around I wonder if it’s too soon to have fallen in love.

Tomorrow morning Green Tara Nepal are holding a meeting and we’re invited. We go to bed early (which we later realise was at 4 in the afternoon!)

Andrea x





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